Alma Chunky Cable Knit Throw Blanket



This Alma chunky cable knit throw blanket is a super chic master piece. Almost a must piece, if you want to decor your house as a trendy & chic home. Volumes of chunky superfine merino wool yarn have been loosely hand woven together into twisted tight chunky knots.  Finished with extra long hand knotted fringes - this really is a forever piece finished to ensure the highest quality, softness and comfort.


This finished ‘Alma Throw Blanket’ is the squishiest, most comfy throw you've ever seen! It makes ideal for home decor, being able to be used as covers for chairs, beds, armchairs and sofas or paths, folders and sides of bed. Each throw blanket comes in a lovely keepsake linen bag.


Raw material: Natural Ivory - 100% superior merino yarn

Pattern & Color: Chunky twisted hand woven throw – natural ivory

Available Sizes: Throw (43" x 71" + 10" knotted fringed edges) & Blankets (43" x 87" + 10" knotted fringed edges).

Custom Made Sizes: Single, Queen & King sizes are specially custom made to order.  Prices upon request to



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